5 Steps: How to Present Arbutus Analytics.

In the growing economy, Data Analytics is an ever-growing industry which seems to be increasing at a fast pace. Here are 5 points you need to know when presenting Arbutus Analytics. 1. Knowing Arbutus – In every situation, to present efficiently, you must know your...

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Arbutus V7 – Drag & Drop Pivot Tables

Immerse yourself in your data using powerful, interactive, drag & drop pivot table analytics. - Get immediate on-screen feedback as results change dynamically based on what you've just tried. What are Pivot Tables used for? Pivot tables allow you to summarise the...

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Arbutus Version 7 – Visualizations

Visualizations Visualizations allow you to make your points vividly with audiences that aren't accustomed to data tables.  Here's how to use Arbutus Version 7 Visualization: Please feel free to contact us if you...

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Arbutus Analytics – Corporate Video

Is your business looking to integrate a data analytics tool? Thousands of users in 60+ countries around the world rely on Arbutus Analytics. Arbutus Analyzer is a scaleable, flexible, user friendly and open technology.  Watch the video below to learn more about...

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Arbutus Analytics

The Beta Software team put together this comprehensive clip to show how Arbutus Analytics can take your business forward. For a full demo contact our sales team: Book a Demo

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