5 Steps: How to Present Arbutus Analytics.

Jun 20, 2022 | All Articles, Arbutus | 0 comments

In the growing economy, Data Analytics is an ever-growing industry which seems to be increasing at a fast pace. Here are 5 points you need to know when presenting Arbutus Analytics.

1. Knowing Arbutus – In every situation, to present efficiently, you must know your product. Arbutus is simple enough for a sales executive as me to understand and present. From the origin to the actual properties of the solution should be known to present well. Getting trained on Arbutus – It doesn’t hurt having certified trainers who are your colleagues and are always willing to secure a spot for you in their training. This helps understanding the solution in its theoretical form.

2. Practising – it’s one thing to attend training and seminars and think you know the solution. You are wrong. By practicing with the solution, it allows you to broaden your view on the solution, you can see what your analysts as well as clients will be seeing and you are able to accomplish tasks by doing it and seeing for yourself, that this is the solution your clients should have.

3. Learning from the best – it’s great to have knowledge on the solution and practice using the solution. But, how to you go into presentations confidently. Well, what has worked was gaining knowledge from experienced presenters who have done it in the past. Their experience shows as they handle presentations with confidence. You tend to see that they have the knowledge of the solution and are willing to take on any question given to them without the help of technical people. Getting knowledge from these individuals helps with confidence and presentation skills.

4. Presenting – presenting comes naturally to some and to others such as myself, more presentations help. Knowing your audience is key as it helps you understand what functions in the solution to present as well as how to present it. Some audiences are not so technical which helps with a more friendly attitude to bring nerves down as well as only focusing on what the audience is looking for. For the more technical minded audience, it is key to have your specialists with you as these individuals love to ask questions during the presentation which could throw you as a presenter off. It is key to be able to present without looking at a screen as when questions are raised, you can continue your presentation without losing your train of thought. Another important aspect is maintaining a professional stance and having confidence in your body while you do the talking. Your body must be in tune with your words as it will keep your audience’s attention on you instead of looking away or not listening at all. Always remember to not be too excited by reading your room. Some technical audiences do not need an energy in the room but the facts of the solution.

5. The sales pitch – An introduction of the team presenting is important, handing over to the audience to introduce themselves are important too. Showing the agenda and how long will the presentation be is important, introducing the company and the benefit of the solution is key. Finally, letting your specialists showcase the solution is important as it helps your audience to see the solution for themselves. Always remember to give your audience a chance to ask questions, their questions are your guidance for the presentation.

This is a mere 5 step process to help with the daily task of presenting Arbutus. The key to success is knowing and believing in Arbutus. This always wins!

Kevesh Moodley
(Eligible AGASA).



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