Visual Reporting to bring your data alive.

Power Bi, YellowFin, Tableau or your organisations Dashboard solution integrates well with Arbutus Analyser to deliver visualised data reporting.

Auditor reporting software

Informative Interpretations

Easily spot trends and focus areas for you organisation with quick, informative interpretations of your data.

Stage data from multiple platforms

Arbutus has 80 plus standard CAATS that comes free with our software. All that is needed is to import your data with the correct data types and you are ready to go.

We also assist in creating custom scripts\ procedures allowing you to have a tailored solution to fit your needs. Once created these procedures can be automated and run whenever you desire.

Automated Functionality

Stakeholders can easily access latest reports and exceptions. Arbutus Analyzer’s automated email functionality notify relevant teams of any latest CAATS and Reporting updates. Any exceptions can be highlighted allowing you to view any deviations or unexpected happenings in your data.

Amazing integration

Arbutus software easily integrate into your current BI environment. It can effortlessly connect to any data source, feeding data into any data source or Dashboard solution that you currently have in place.
Arbutus Analytics Auditing Software

Arbutus Analyzer

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Arbutus is the most powerful data analytics technology of its kind.

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