Arbutus Analyzer Version 7.0. Sleeker than ever!

Feb 25, 2022 | All Articles, Arbutus | 0 comments

Written by Christo Bester

I had a chat with Terence Oliver on his thoughts about the latest version of Arbutus Analyzer Version 7. Terence is a Senior Data Analyst with Beta Software (Pty) Ltd. Terence holds a BCOM Finance Degree, additionally, he holds a CAAP certification (Certified Arbutus Analytics Professional), Certified Trainer for Arbutus Software, and a certification for Associate Level AWS Developer. 

  1. Why is Arbutus Analyzer Version 7 a big release for Arbutus & Data Analytics?

“In my opinion, Arbutus set the benchmark for high-computing power with regards to analyzing very large data sets and this has been increased. So, this makes it very easy and very quick to analyse your data to get your results, enabling you to take action with the exceptions generated or gather insight into your company or the data you are analyzing.”

“Arbutus has added some great new features one of them being non-coding scripting in the form of workflows. Which makes it even more user friendly and enables non-technical users to ‘code’ quickly and easily allowing them to automate their tasks and processes effortlessly.”

“Great new visualizations have been added which makes reporting on your results a breeze. There are many more great additions to the new version, even a new look and feel… but these are what stand out for me, Arbutus is sleeker than ever.”

2. How has Arbutus assisted other companies to achieving their data analytics needs? 

“Arbutus compliments just about all business environments, and existing software stacks. It provides powerful, easy to use data analytics that not only gives massive insights into the story of the company, but it’s also a pleasure to work with because Arbutus places a great emphasis on ease of use. It has a very high degree of integration with existing software and coding languages. It allows none-technical users to quickly become accustom to working with Arbutus and perform very advanced analytics. Even though, Arbutus allows for advanced scripting and developments, so if you do like your deep-diving coding, you can still do that with Arbutus and you can do some very complex and advanced scripting.”

3. Why should businesses be excited for Arbutus Analyzer Version 7?

“Well, as mentioned, Arbutus Version 7 is even more fast and more powerful than ever. It has more features and functions than the previous version, and the ease of use has also been a continuous area of focus with the non-coding script development. It boasts great visualizations, allowing you to visually interpret your results and create really good-looking reports for your business.”

4. What features personally stand out for you about Arbutus Analyzer Version 7?

“For me, the workflow is definitely the winner. It is a code-free analytic workflow, and not only does it allow you to code “quicker” but it acts as a great visualization to see the workflow, aka, The data pipeline from your source system to the end result. It’s a great visualization for your ETL process to your report generation.

Arbutus V7 boasts a higher emphasis on automation, quicker search functionality allowing you to search for different tables, folders etc. and of course, the additional smart-apps, where Arbutus is adding more applications to their already big stack of approximately 70 Smart applications, which are pre-built and are free of charge with Arbutus Version 7.0. 

Smart-Apps fall under the following headers\ areas of functionality:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed Asset
  • Forward Compliance
  • General Ledger
  • Inventory
  • Miscellaneous 

Arbutus Analyzer Version 7 is fast, powerful and intuitive. Great improvements and additions to an already impressive Analytic software. If Arbutus has sparked some ideas, or if you want to see what it can do. Don’t miss out! We would love to demonstrate the product for you. Send us an email on, or alternatively, click here to submit a request and one of our consultants will get in-touch with you. 



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