Fast and Accurate Fraud Detection that you can trust.

Your data is the key to the true position of your business.

Auditing fraud detection software

Our team of experts perform advanced scripting within Arbutus Analyzer.

This allows your teams to scan of large data sets to detect fraudulent activities within your organisation.

Test data across departments, organisations or systems.

ARBUTUS Analyzer is the most powerful data analytics technology of its kind. This means that we can effortlessly integrate and compliment many of the data analysis tools that your organisation currently have in place.

As a result, your teams can test and compare data across various departments and sources.

Perform analysis efficiently.

The longer fraud continues undetected, the larger the damage to the organisation, and the harder it becomes to recover losses.

Arbutus technology is able to efficiently analyse complex and disparate data sets, resulting in flexible and timely fraud detection results.

Analyse any data regardless of size or complexity.

Most organisations are sitting on an ever growing ocean of data. Audit Analytics makes it possible for examiners to apply fraud detection tests against files of unlimited size and complexity. Arbutus Analyzer is built for performance, allowing examiners to perform more queries on large data sets without restrictive delays.
Arbutus Analytics Auditing Software

Arbutus Analyzer

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