Data Analytics Solutions to suit your whole organisation.

Beta Software provides insights and support to various divisions and industries. We thrive in using your data to tell your organisation’s story. Our priority is to obtain an accurate picture of your current business position, where the business was and the direction that you are heading towards.

Auditing data analytics software

We can help your organisation transform your data into valuable business insights.

Arbutus Analyzer is currently the most powerful Data Analytics software available which empowers us to use your organisation’s data in its entirety and preform advanced data analytics.

A low risk, high reward transition.

Changing your analytics solutions are often perceived as a risk.

Arbutus uniquely minimise the risks associated with changing your analysis technology. Arbutus is fully compatible with ACL and is known for its ability to compliment tools like Excel and/or replace existing analysis tools such as ACL.

Overcome barriers to audit analytics.

The road to using data analysis can be a challenge to navigate without sufficient guidance.

The implementation of Audit analysis technology frequently causes frustration in organisation integration. BETA Software pride ourselves in our hands-on implementation and transition approach.


An experienced, trusted parter.

As Auditors we understand that successful data analytics is not just about purchasing and installing the right software.

The BETA Software team is an active partner who work alongside and guide our clients by responding with technology and support which will drive their current and future business needs.

Arbutus Analytics Auditing Software

Arbutus Analyzer

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